Legally, you’re only required to wear a helmet. However, we strongly recommend you wear a sturdy pair of shoes or boots, jeans or a strong pair of trousers, and also a jacket. We can loan you these if you require them.

As soon as you are convinced you will continue riding, investing in your own helmet and gloves is very sensible. Ideally you will purchase a full set of motorbike specific clothing as well. For your training for the practical test we would recommend purchasing at least a helmet and gloves.

To ride in the UK you must wear a helmet but that is the only legal requirement there is. Whilst technically you can ride in shorts, flip-flops and a t-shirt we would urge you to get proper bike clothing, gloves and boots as it will keep you far safer and far more comfortable. As you progress with your riding, start going longer distances and ride in all the different types of weather we experience you will soon need waterproof and windproof riding gear.

Smart Learning can advise you on which types of gear are good for the type of riding you intend to do and we have links with a number of local retailers to help equip you. Learn2Ride recommends Skins Café and Keep Biking.

The whole point of getting your licence is to be able to ride your own motorbike. Whilst the choice of machine is a very personal thing we at Smart Learning are happy to share our many years of experience with you and will even come shopping or on test rides with you to help you make the right choice and purchase a mechanically sound bike.