When attending your training course please be aware the following


1. You must have valid U.K or N.I. driving licence or E.C

Licence (Counterpart no longer Valid, But please feel free to

bring with you); if you have an older U.K. paper-driving

license you must bring a valid U.K. passport, which must be

valid for a min 6 months. Please ensure you have the correct

provisional entitlement on your driving license (category ‘p’

for mopeds and ‘A’ for motorcycles). When attending

Compulsory Basic Training or Theory Test you must bring

your license

2. (Photo card Licence); when attending the Practical Test and

practical test training you must bring your licence (both parts

if your Card does not have you valid provisional entitlement,

CBT certificate, theory pass certificate and Module 1 pass

certificate (when attending the Module 2 part of the test). If

you do not you will lose all your fees – there are no


2. If you wear glasses or Contact lenses (Spares if Needed), please

3. If you are taking a Practical Test please ensure that your Driving

4. If using your own vehicle for training please ensure you have a

remember to bring them. You are legally required to

read a number plate at 20.5 metres (a narrow font plate

at 20 metres). You cannot train or test if you fail to

meet this legal requirement.

Licence has your current address. If you have recently

moved address please write your new address details

onto the Licence. This is because your Licence may be

retained by the DVSA when you have passed your


Proof of valid tax, a valid certificate of insurance, a

valid MoT certificate (if the vehicle is over 3 years

old) also if your motorcycle is restricted please bring

certificate and the machine has full size L plates front

and rear and the machine is in a roadworthy condition.

If you are taking a motorcycle test please ensure that

the speedometer is in mph (stickers or overlays are not

allowed) and that your motorcycle is both eligible and

suitable for the test.

5. Please wear suitable, sturdy outdoor clothing; if you do not own

6. Please bring your course confirmation letter and signed terms and

7. For all courses we require your current details of your Driver

8. All courses have been booked on the basis of the information

9. Please arrive in plenty of time to allow the course to start at the

10. If you the customer have booked a Module 2 Motorcycle Test

11. Learn2ride/ Smart Learning Motorcycle Instructors will

your own motorcycle Clothing, a limited supply of

motorcycle clothing is available to borrow but we

cannot cater for every size, Any damage whilst being

used, you are liable to replace. If taking a full practical

test and you attend wearing lightweight clothing

(training shoes or track suits etc.) you will not be

allowed to test and you will lose your fees.

conditions when attending training, Failure to bring

documents, can result in non-completing the designed


number when booking the start of the course. We

cannot organize your Practical test without it and you

will be liable for the test fee if we are late notifying the

DVSA with your details. If booking your CBT, please

make sure you have your Licence with you.

supplied by the customer to Learn2ride/Smart

Learning Motorcycle Training. The responsibility for

ensuring that these details are correct (including

driving license entitlements) belongs to the student.

correct time. If you are later than agreed time the

course will start without you, and in the case of the

CBT course you will have lost your course fees, if you

are late for your Theory or Practical Test you will have

to pay again.

inside 3 working days of a Module 1 Motorcycle Test,

Learn2ride/Smart Learning Motorcycle Instructors

shall not be responsible for the loss of fee for the

Module 2 Motorcycle Test if, for any reason, the

Module 1 Motorcycle Test is not taken or passed.

determine the aptitude of the customer to undertake

the training for the Module 1 Motorcycle Test. If

L2R/SL Motorcycle Instructors decide the customer is

not safe, or at risk, or there is any doubt as to the

validity or legality of the documents presented the

12. Prices & Information are correct at the time of publication. Any

13. Any training not taken and completed within 12 months of the

14. All vehicles/Or Equipment are loaned to the customer by L2Ride/Smart

15. In the event of a mechanical breakdown or any other cause

16. The customer will be liable to reimburse L2Ride/Smart Learning

customer will not undertake that part of the training.

L2R/SL Motorcycle Instructors will not be responsible

for any loss of training fees or motorcycle tests

(Module 1 and 2) that this may incur. Equally if the

Customer decides not to either train for or undertake

the Module 1 Motorcycle Test Learn2ride/Smart

Learning Motorcycle Instructors will not be

responsible for any loss of training or motorcycle test

fee this may incur.

variations of price are to the discretion of

L2Ride/Smart Learning Motorcycle Instructors.

payment date is void, Unless prior agreement.

Learning Motorcycle Instructors. Damage to a vehicle caused

by the customer under £25.00 for parts and labour, whilst on

Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) is not charged. All damage

to a vehicle caused by the customer whilst on any other

training course is chargeable to the customer. The customer

must pay for any damage within 7 days payable to

L2Ride/Smart Learning Motorcycle Instructors. Parts are

charged at retail price. labour is charged at £35.00 per hour or

part apportioned of.

beyond the control of L2Ride/Smart Learning

Motorcycle Instructors, L2Ride/Smart Learning

Motorcycle Instructors reserves the right to re-arrange

or rebook any course at the earliest convenient time to

both the customer and to L2R/SL Motorcycle

Instructors. As Driving Standards Agency policy is not

to offer a free retest to a customer on the basis of being

ill, late, bereaved, or delayed by traffic and we are

unable to influence this or offer a refund. We will do

everything possible to get you to the test on time but if

there is an unforeseeable accident/delay then

unfortunately the cost of a re-test will fall on the


Motorcycle Instructors against any claims, losses,

damages or expense incurred by L2Ride/Smart

17. Course places are only guaranteed where payment has been

Learning Motorcycle Instructors as a result of a breach

of any of these terms and conditions by the customer

to the extent which such claims, losses, damages or

expense results from such breach. Ancillary equipment

provided for customer use (such as radios, clothing

etc.) is not insured; making customers liable for any

damage to them through improper or careless use.

received in advance. We do not accept Personal

Cheque’s; Bankers Draft must be pre-cleared prior to

Training or Test.

Should you wish to cancel or change the date of your appointment

we require the following notice:

• Motorcycle theory and practical Module 1 and Module 2 tests – 7

working days notice.

• All training courses – 7 working day’s notice, this starts at the

point of contact.

• Please note that working days do not include Sundays or Bank


• The guaranteed Training scheme is only valid when taking a retest

within 3 months of the original test date, two Mod1s and Mod

2 test are included.

If the above notice is not given a loss of course fee or a cancellation

fee will be incurred (at the discretion of L2R/SL Motorcycle

Instructors). Please note that once any part of a course is started we

do not Issue refunds. Where a course has been made up of a number

of separate days once any part has been started no refund will be

given for the entirety of the days booked. In the event that a course

is cancelled in adequate time and a refund is due then a £55.00

administration fee will be charged. In the event that you are ill we

require a doctor’s certificate to avoid losing your fees.

L2R/SL Motorcycle Instructors will endeavor to make your training

as safe and enjoyable as possible. However, there is always a small

element of risk in connection with the use of any motor vehicle,

which cannot be totally eliminated. Unlike a driving a car, your

instructor can have no direct control over you or your vehicle and

ultimately it is your responsibility to ride safely. With this in mind

you must comply with the following:

• You must make your instructor aware of any medical or Physical

condition that may affect your training or ability to ride.

• You must ensure that you are, and remain, fit to train and that you

are not over tired, injured, which could affect your riding.

Only you know your physical and mental condition.

• You must not have taken any drugs, which may affect your ability

to ride (this includes alcohol, prescription and non-prescription

drugs). You must inform your instructor if there are any

problems in this respect or if any occur during the day.

• You must ensure that you have adequate breaks, drinks and food

and that you are properly clothed.

• Only you will know if you are fit to continue.

• Any damage to vehicles or property belonging to L2R/SL

Motorcycle Instructors, their employees or agents through

inappropriate use or willful misuse will be charged for.

If any problems occur whilst on the road, pull over in a safe place as

soon as possible. If you have any problems or concerns of any kind

during training you must bring them to the attention of your

instructor. All training is undertaken at the trainee’s own risk;

neither L2R/SL Motorcycle Instructors, their employees or agents

shall be liable for any loss or damage to your property, nor death or

injury, unless due to negligence or other failure of L2R/SL

Motorcycle Instructors to perform its obligations under general law.

All training can be terminated immediately if there is any risk to

pupils, instructors or third parties; or at the behest of the Police or

Driving Standards Agency Examiner.

All courses are booked on the basis of the information provided by

you the trainee; responsibility for ensuring that these details are

correct are yours the trainee – this includes how much previous

riding experience you claim to have, be honest during your training,

if we the school can help we will.

We look forward to seeing you soon and we hope that you enjoy

your training.

If you should require any further information please do not hesitate

to contact us on 01869-242224 or 07710-109203: email