The courses for Category A tests are identical. The only material difference between the courses and tests is the size of motorcycle used. See what tests do I need for an explanation of the different test types and the age restrictions.

This 4 day course consists of 2 days of intensive training for the part 1 practical (off road maneuvers) and then another 2 days for the part 2 practical (observed road ride). To attend this course you will need to have a valid CBT certificate and already have passed your theory test.

Training for the part 1 test will be in a safe, off road location so that the manoeuvres can be practiced without the added distractions of other road users and kerbs! Once mastered you will be ready to journey to the test centre and take your part 1. This will happen during day 2 of the course.


Once you have your part 1 you are then ready to hit the road for the next 2 days to obtain your part 2. Training takes the form of riding the test routes and the surrounding area in your chosen test centre and practicing all the riding skills you will require. At the end of the course you will have mastered the basics and be fully prepared for your test which is scheduled during day 2.

Our courses normally start at 09:00 and we aim to finish between 14:00 and 15:00 or later if extra training is required.

With a 1st time pass rate of 96% we believe that our course is the best you can get and great value for money.